Our Programmes

  1. Volunteers for Peace – Volunteer and community engagement towards creating a more peaceful world.
    VfP is the channel through which volunteers engage in LikeMinds activities. As a mechanism for developing volunteerism, VfP activities typically are those in which volunteers can get involved on a one-time or short-term basis. Through these activities, LikeMinds strives to foster and build a culture of shared responsibility for our communities.

    Through VfP, LikeMinds facilitates activities that meet clearly defined needs. Realizing that change must first begin with ourselves, we strive to give members and participating volunteers an opportunity to be inspired and feel fulfilled while building social consciousness towards creating a better society. We unite volunteers who share a strong commitment to nonviolence with specific initiatives that are in line with our core values. We also strive to promote self-awareness and sensitise on issues of concern within our communities through advocacy, training, empowerment, and mentoring.

    Vulnerable Communities – Supporting Communities that are most in need
    The Objective of this programme is to enhance the quality of lives particularly of the less privileged and most disadvantaged by providing resources required to assist them. Vulnerable Communities projects are medium to long-term, designed to accompany the most vulnerable within our communities. We advocate for the human rights of the most vulnerable and mentor activists from within the communities served.

    All Vulnerable Communities programmes are selected with a goal of providing longitudinal support for the organization or community along with opportunities for volunteers who are eager for a longer-term commitment