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At the LikeMinds Project, we believe that community involvement is fundamental towards building peaceful and sustainable societies. We believe that all people no matter their age, race, religion, or social background, have the capacity to make a difference by giving back to their communities.


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  • Volunteers for Peace

    Volunteers for Peace

    Volunteers share a strong commitment to nonviolence and a belief in the contribution that ordinary people can make towards creating a more peaceful and just world through Community engagement. Realizing that change must first begin with ourselves, each activity that the LikeMinds Project coordinates not only meets a clearly defined need, but also gives members and participating volunteers an opportunity to be inspired and feel fulfilled.

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  • School for blind

    School for blind

    The FCT school for blind children was founded in 1991 in a two-bedroom apartment in Zuba with two pupils and two teachers. It relocated to Jabi in 2007 with 57 children and currently caters for about 200 visually-impaired pupils. The Likeminds Project has been involved with the school since 2011; it has supported the establishment of an IT classroom, providing furniture, computers, software, and other equipment; it has provided new beds, food items, and braille books for the students and most recently launched a ‘campaign for canes’ with the aim of providing white canes for all the students.

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  • Support to Orphans

    Support to Orphans

    Over the years, the group has carried out and supported a number of orphanages. Donations of food items, toiletries, clothes, books and toys have been contributed to a number of these homes in an effort to lend a hand to the establishments taking care of the children.

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  • Children With Special Needs

    Children With Special Needs

    The Karu Children’s home was set up in 1993 by the FCT to cater for orphans who were previously kept at a general hospital. The LikeMinds Project has continuously supported the home since 2006. In 2011, members came together to set up a crèche within the homes premises. By opening up the crèche to the public within the neighbourhood, it has become not only a place for orphan babies, but also a source of sustainable income for them.

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  • Fundraising for Internally Displaced Persons

    Fundraising for Internally Displaced Persons

    Objective: To enhance the quality of lives particularly of the less privileged by providing resources required to assist them. We also strive to promote self awareness and sensitise on issues of concern within our communities through advocacy, training, and mentoring programmes.

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